Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship Program

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Shorter and spreadsheet oriented version by Kim, McCarl and Spreen
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Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – The Linear Programming Problem
Chapter 3 – Matrix Algebra Solution of LP Problems
Chapter 4 – LP Duality
Chapter 5 – Algebraic LP Modeling, Duality and Solution Interpretation
Chapter 6 – Toward Proper Models
Chapter 7 – Additional LP Models
Chapter 8 – Multi-year Dynamics and LP
Chapter 9 – LP Modeling: Nonlineatities and Approximation
Chapter 10 – Modeling Summary
Chapter 11 – Multi-Objective Programming
Chapter 12 – General Nonlinear Programming
Chapter 13 – Price Endogenous Modeling
Chapter 14 – Risk Modeling
Chapter 15 – Relaxing Continuity Assumptions – Integer Programming
Chapter 16 – Applied Integer Programming
Chapter 17 – Fixing Improperly Working Models
Chapter 18 – Validation of Programming Models
Chapter 19 – Getting the Most from a Modeling System
Appendix 1 – Using Summation Notation
Appendix 2 – Running GAMS on a PC
Text examples implemented in GAMS in zipped format