Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship Program

Tentative Lectures

WeekDateTopicLecture NotesReadings
Week 1Aug. 31IntroductionCourse IntroductionReadings
Week 1Sep. 2Economic IssuesCourse IntroductionReadings
Week 1Sep. 3Last day of adding/dropping courses..
Week 2Sep. 7Economic Background:Information DemandNotesNA
Economic Background:Decision Making Under RiskNotesNA
Economic Background:Cost Benefit AnalysisNotes I and Notes IINA
Economic Background:Game TheoryNotesNA
Economic Background:ExternalityNotesNA
Week 2Sep. 9Economic Background:Ex Ante vs. Ex Post Decision MakingNotesNA
Week 3Sep. 14Market Responseby by Dr. David BesslerNotesReadings
Weeks 3Sep. 16Case Studies: Avian InfluenzaNotes provided in classReadings
Weeks 4Sep. 21Case Studies: Meat MarketsNotes provided in classReadings
Weeks 4Sep. 23Case Studies: H1N1Notes provided in classReadings
Week 5Sep. 27Human Health Implications: Food SecurityNotes provided in classReadings
Week 5Sep. 29Human Health Implications: Life/Productivity ValuationNotes provided in classReadings
Weeks 6Oct 5Vulnerability Assessment: FMDNotes provided in classReadings
Weeks 6Oct 7Vulnerability Assessment: RVF and H1N1Notes provided in classNA
Week 7Oct 12Vulnerability Assessment: AI-ChinaNotes provided in classReadings
Week 7Oct 14Vulnerability Assessment: AI-TexasNotes provided in classReadings
Weeks 8Oct 19Balancing problemNotesReadings
Weeks 8Oct 21Investment: Vaccination, Carcass Disposal and Animal IDNotesReadings
Week 9Oct 26Policy InterventionsNotes provided in classReadings
Compensation IssuesNotesReadings
Week 9Oct 28Regulatory Issues: Trade by Dr. BoaduNotesReadings
Week 10Nov 2Regulatory Issues: Zoning by Dr. BoaduNotes provided in classReadings
Weeks 10Nov 4Probability, Risk and Stochastic DominanceNotesReadings
Weeks 11Nov 9Advanced Stochastic Dominance and BRACNotes continue from previousReadings
Weeks 11Nov 1Evaluation and TerrorismNotesReadings
Weeks 12 to 14Nov 16, 18, and 23Student presentation..
Week 15Nov 30 and Dec 2Related issues and wrap-up..
Week 16Dec 7Final Review..
.Dec 9Reading day, no class..
.Dec 15th, Wednesday, 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Heldenfels Hall 118.Final exam..