Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship Program

Two pieces of GAMS related software have been developed. These are

  • GAMSCHK — aids in the examination of empirical GAMS models for modeling flaws.
  • GAMSBAS — permits retention of an advanced basis


GAMSCHK allows the user to:

  1. Display the structure of user selected equations and/or variables
  2. List the characteristics of selected groups of variables and equations
  3. List the characteristics of equation and variable blocks
  4. Examine a GAMS model to see whether any variables and equations contain specification errors
  5. Generate a schematic of the structure of the variable and equation blocks
  6. Examine the number of coeficients in the intersections of variable and equation blocks
  7. Look at the scaling characteristics of the variable and equation blocks
  8. Form a schematic for model components depicting the location of coefficients by sign and magnitude
  9. Reconstruct the reduced cost of variables after a model solution
  10. Reconstruct the activity within equations after a model solution
  11. Find variables or equations which could be causing unbounded or infeasible models

GAMSCHK Examples

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GAMSCHK Documentation


GAMSBAS saves an advanced basis which a user may later use in subsequent solves by including the basis
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