Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship Program

These are papers and presentations arising out of the TAMU Biosecurity Economics Group

Operating under the FAZD Center – the National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense

A Department of Homeland Security University Center of Excellence


Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University

Faculty Level Team Members                              Categories of papers listed below

David A. Bessler                                                                            Decision Making

Frederick O. Boadu                                                                      Market Analysis

Amy Hagerman                                                                              Carcass Disposal

Bruce A. McCarl (Lead FAZD Economist)                                  Literature Review

Decision Making – Investigations regarding disease outbreak decision making

2010 Materials

·         Rapid, Effective Trace Back Capability Value in Reducing the Cost of a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Event  Presented at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2010

2009 Materials

·         Impact of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Management Alternatives in the California Dairy Industry  FAZD Report highlighting the California livestock industry, 2009

Movement Restriction impacts in Response Zones  FAZD Report highlighting movement of agricultural inputs and outputs under movement restrictions, 2009

    RVF Appraising Human Vulnerability  Presentation discussion human outbreak evaluation, RVF Workshop, 2009

2008 Materials

  Linking Epidemic and Economic Modeling: An Economic Perspective  Presentation outlining the economic modeling of animal disease, FAZD Modeling Group, 2008

2007 Materials

    Animal Disease Examination in the ASM Context-Data Structure  An overview of animal disease simulation implementation int he Agricultural Sector Model, 2007

Animal Tracking: Benefits In Cattle Industry And Private Incentives  Early draft of paper published in the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 32(1 2007)

2006 Materials

   Animal Disease Pre Event Preparedness vs Post Event Response: When Is It Economic to Protect?  Draft of paper published in the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 38(2 2006)

Animal Disease Related Pre event Investment and Post-event Compensation: A Multi-agent Problem Abstract of paper presented at the AAEA annual meeting in Long Beach, July 2006.

Bio-Security and the U.S. Livestock Sector: Trading off Prevention and Response Presentation of invited paper Meetings of Southern Agricultural Economics Association, Orlando, 2006

2005 Materials

    Economic Modeling of Optimal Mitigation Strategies for Animal Related Biodefense Policies Seminar presentation at  TAMU/FAZD, 2005

·         Ex Ante Preparedness vs Ex Post Response To Animal Disease Introductions: Better Safe Than Sorry?  FAZD Project paper, 2005

·         Economic Consideration of Mitigation of Foreign Animal Disease Introduction TAMU/FAZD Research brief, 2005

·         Ex Ante Vs. Ex Post Bioterrorism Mitigation Contributed paper to the AAEA annual meeting Providence Rhode Island, 2005

·         Preparedness Investments versus Response Expenditures for Animal Disease Mitigation TAMU/FAZD Research brief, 2005

·         An Economic Exploration of Prevention versus Response in Animal Related Bioterrorism Decision Making Presented at Working Together: R and D Partnerships in Homeland Security a DHS meeting, Boston, MA, April 2005

2004 Materials

·         Risk, Animals, AgroTerrorism and Economics Adapting Economic and Management Methodology to an Old Problem Seminar presentation at USDA ERS, 2004

·         An Economic Exploration of Prevention vs Response in Animal Related Bioterrorism Decision Making Levan Elbakidze’s  Ph.D. Dissertation, 2004

    Market Analysis – Studies regarding how outbreaks affect markets

    Carcass Disposal — Studies regarding economics of carcass disposal

·         Animal Carcass Disposal: Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Considerations  Paper by Frederick Boadu

·         Economics and Homeland Security Strategies: Issues Regarding Carcass Disposal in the Design of Animal Disease Defense Presentation at American Agricultural Economics Association Meetings, Rhode Island, July 2005

    Literature Review – General literature review on economics of Agricultural Biosecurity

       Risk Assessment and Management of Animal Disease Related Biosecurity A review of vulnerability and mitigation strategies and strategic recommendations based on economic analyses, International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management, 2009

·         The Economics of Agricultural Bio-security: An Interpretive Literature Review A literature review from Levan Elbakidze’s dissertation that is being upgraded, 2003